Choosing Your EDC Knives

If you’re in the market for an EDC knife, you’re probably full of questions regarding how to choose the best knife for your needs. Here are some things that you may wish to consider in choosing your EDC knives.

Since you never know when you’ll need a knife, it only stands to reason that you’ll want one to keep on hand that is easy to carry and folds away so that you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself when grabbing it.

Keep in mind, however, that not all areas allow knives to be carried legally. You’ll want to do a bit of research and find out what your local area does and doesn’t allow. For some, the length of the blade is in question, for others, there is no legal knife option that you can carry.

Once you’ve determined if it’s legal to carry in your area or not, you can go forward in selecting the ideal every day carry knife for you and your specific needs.

EDC knife

Ask yourself what you’ll be using your knife for most of the time. Are you a hunter? A fisherman? Will you be doing a lot of camping? Or are you simply going to be using your EDC knife to keep on hand to open packages or to simply use as needed?

Once you’ve determined the actual purpose for your knife, you’ll have more of an idea of which type of knife will work best for you.

There are many different options and you’ll want to have some very specific ideas in mind about why you’re going to be using your knife. Keep in mind that you can have as many of these as you can afford so you’re not limited or locked into just one specific model.

For many, a simple, no frills type of knife is all that they want. They’re not going to be doing anything fancy with it and they aren’t in need of a very long blade. A simple, 2.75-inch blade that readily folds up is all that they need.

This is the most basic of knives and they are readily available on the market today. Reasonably priced and easy to store away when not in use, this probably accounts for the most knife sales today.

If you’re going to be doing more with your knife, then you’ll want to consider some fancier options such as fishing or hunting style knives that you can use for other purposes as well.

You’ll be able to find blades from 2.25 inches to 4 inches depending on what you’re willing to pay and the brand.

There are a variety of brands available and you can do the research to find out which one will closest meet your specific needs.

Keep in mind that if you’re not going to be using your knife every day, you may wish to get something that is just basic and inexpensive. These will do well for the occasional use but if you’re going to use it more often, invest in something that is a bit more heavy duty.

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